May I butt in?
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Posted by: Sue Render
04/24/2003, 05:31:51


I couldn't help seeing your questions to Quoll and hope you don't mind me butting in.  Well, I'm going to butt in anyway - I'm feeling totally inspired to.

What do you think a well-educated, well-informed outside person would think of M?  

Look, you're missing one crucial thing here, Jim.  Education and being "well-informed" mean nothing, nothing at all!   When it comes to Maharaji  they're a hinderance, not a help.  Education is fine if you want a good job that earns you lots of money but what you learn at university is so irrelevant really in Maharaji's world.  And it certainly doesn't help you to recognise or appreciate that feeling.

And information - who needs it?  Who needs to clog themselves up with a load of facts when they could be having that experience?  Too much education and information just gets in the way and stops people recognising Him so really your question is stupid.  Next?

Do you think such a person, having familiarized themself with M's past (i.e. as depicted in the archival material on EPO) would think that he was trustworthy? Why?

Same again.  An educated, well-informed person would be so deluded that they'd probably believe what they read on EPO.  It's like in the time of Jesus - only the simple people recognised him while the educated idiots turned him over.

This is why it's so hard to have an intelligent conversation with a premie - but who needs an intelligent conversation when you could be watching a video and basking in his words, or just enjoying that experience?

You were so much better off before you got your law degree, Jim.  I know those six years in the ashram were the best years of your life.  It's your loss.

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