Actions speak louder than words
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Posted by: stranger
04/25/2003, 20:36:08


Your situation was a little different than the one Rawat is in. Perhaps townspeople heard about you from one person and her friends but your actions really did not affect them in any way - so they could accept you as you are.

If you had tricked half of the town into believing something about you and accepted money based on this belief, and then continued to try to recruit the other half of the town, I think it would be perfectly appropriate for the townspeople to judge you on your actions and share information about these actions.

Here we inform people who have been tricked that they were conned, and we also provide information to new people who want to know if they can trust Rawat.

If I had bought a car from a dealer who ripped me off, and then I had heard that he also ripped off lots of other people, I would have no hesitation in sharing my story with anyone who wanted know.

The thing is that you don't believe he is a fraud - I do - and so do a lot of others. And we have his own words to prove what he said - and our own experiences to share .......

Seems pretty clear to me.


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