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Posted by: Quoll
04/25/2003, 19:11:09


No Jim, not at all. I can only compare the situation with one I faced myself about 15 years ago, when I had a difficult relationship breakup, very factional. The town we lived in was very small and gossipy. I was never a being of pure light, (and my ex and her friends were not foul fiends either) but I was at least a sincere human being who did not consciously wish to harm anyone. For some months afterwards I found myself meeting people for the first time who had already "heard all about me." I am not a paranoid person, but it was pretty obvious. I found myself wishing that such people would take me as they found me, would feel their way in meeting me, rather than just saying "From what I've heard, this guy is so terrible I am not going to give him a chance." There were both kinds, and some of those in the first category have remained true friends ever since.

I hope people can do the same with MJ.



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