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Posted by: Brian S
07/22/2003, 00:05:14


The empowerment theory goes right to the heart of why one gets so emotionally messed up by cults and religion. The other side of the coin is that once someone embraces a theory at the subconscious level as a truth it becomes the reality which is acted out in life without question.

I know I got caught up in the illusion of thinking that I was privledged to know something that no one else did. For me; one of the reason's I accepted the story of M and the cult was that I felt an obligation to do something good with my life. I was a young man in search of answers and purpose and when M came along with his program I commited to it.  

This committment brought forward in my life a sense of empowerment,  it was false, but on the subconscious level I did not know the difference.  So I lived my life according to my subconscious programming and wasted so much of my life, time and resourses supporting M's selfish needs and goals.

If there is one "good" thing about M  it is that he is such a "bad" example of even a simple decent person, let alone a spiritual leader. His abusive, dismissive meglamanical way of treating people, his lack of ethics, his dsyfunctional behavior and alcohol use etc.. Not what you would expect from a supposedly elightened soul. I say "good"  in that the poor example he sets you would think it easy to see what a fraud he truly is. 

And it is, for most of the world that is just the way M looks, he is an obvious obtuse fraud so he will never be a problem to the majority, so this is good. But for those few vulnerable and disempowered ones it doesn't always work that way.

The problem is, when well meaning  people buy into M's program, once he hooks them at the subconcious level he can tell them anything , change his story around and they will believe it and act on it as if it is in fact true without question. What is dangerous about this is that the hooks runs deep once they are set once you have surrendered your will to him, it is hard to take it back.

Because you are not just taking back your self will and independance, it is not so much taking back as it is what you are giving up.  You are giving up the sense of belonging to a greater cause, a higher belief,  your own empowerment will be tied up in these things. All the while you are fighting to see through the curtain of uncertainty and to step out on your own after so many years of dependance. But fight you must and do not fear for what you are giving up is so small compared to what can be returned to you.

For those of you that this pertains to hear this, You are invested in and entangeled in a falsehood  bound by fear of loss and emotional dependance, let it go. The one reality is YOU and no one else, you alone are your own guide and master. You will find your own way in life free from the emotional needs and traps of others who present themselves as above you. Trust in yourself. Pick up the sword of truth within yourself and swing with all of your might and sever the ties that bind you to this decietful dependance. 

Cut yourself free, lighten your load from masters and cults and the like, set your own course in life and follow and your own heart once again.

Life will be lighter on the other side of the Cult and M 


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