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Posted by: Samady
03/19/2003, 19:11:50


Interesting points you bring up, about

'rot vs walk' and

'for everybody vs not for everybody'

My personal experience is one of regrouping inside.  For awhile, I sort of went on strike and did not even try to practice any form of meditation including K, as a subconscious/conscious protest to the overall disillusionment.  After doing that awhile, I started to feel like I was just hurting myself, depriving myself of something I needed to feel complete.  Realizing this, I have started to take time to be still inside more now and I feel alot better.

For me, I have no doubt that practicing K and other forms of inner stillness have a positive effect overall and frees me up to manifest in this world without as much drag by apparent obstacles that come up. 

I am one of those people who believe that K is good when practiced.  My problem is not with K but with the teacher-artist-musician formerly known as Maharaji.  That creates an inner conflict that I am working to resolve because Mr. Rawat has said that the thing is a triangle and all three points are necessary to get off...

K, us and him 

I am working through that now.  I do not accept that I and all other     ex-premies have blown our chances for experiencing heaven (From the Greek for truth) because we have taken issue with Mr Rawat.

Also, I happen to believe that K is the same thing that is referred to in all the major scriptures as the primordial manifestation of the Creator.  In the EPO archives where Shri Hans is talking about how to survive a nuclear blast by merging with the Holy Name, I believe that this corresponds to other words by Native Americans and others about a time when some would walk through a great fire and not burn...I don't think that is just figurative.

Elsewhere in the article, Shri Hans goes on to proclaim that Christ has returned via his mission and the Divine Kingdom is being set up.  He puts all other gurus and saints etc on notice who do mantras, beads, chants, and any external thing to get to the Oneness....that the only Real Way and Science is of the Divine Light, which can preserve human life through otherwise life threatening situations. 

As I see it, this is the real foundation of how Mr. Rawat got started, how and WHY most of his starter group got involved, and why many of those beyond into the 70's and 80's got involved, and how he got the momentum to become such a successful businessman.  It's why I came to him.

I know that if I just stop focussing on the contradictions and be still inside that my answers will come.  I do not plan on living in a state of conflict for the rest of my life or losing my eternal soul just because I take a stand on the side of some people whose plights had 'fallen through the cracks'.  My God ain't like that.


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