Rotten vegetables
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Posted by: Livia
03/19/2003, 02:27:31


Well, war's about to begin as I write, and I'm probably doing this as some sort of displacement activity but here goes anyway.

The rotten vegetables analogy - what a powerful one that was.  And also the way M used to say that it was better never to receive K at all than to receive it and walk away from it.

And then the way, a few years later it changed to - "if you don't like it, just walk" - the implication being "no matter".

I wonder what is still believed.  I did read a premie post somewhere today that was talking about John McGregor, describing him as a sort of "broken man" and it got me to wondering what the belief system is these days on this one.

I guess, as always, the decent premies will wish their old friends well no matter what they do.  And the truly cultified will hope to see them rot in a sort of living hell, as a sort of punishment for their betrayal.  Nice people!

Another complete turnaround:

M used to say "This Knowledge is for everybody - the only qualification is a sincere desire and a human body."  Now it's "This Knowledge isn't for everybody."

I wonder what happened there?  Either it's for everybody or it isn't.  How can something as central as this change over the years, lol?  If it was for everybody then it's for everybody now, and if it isn't for everybody now it couldn't have been for everybody then. 

Very confusing.

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