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Posted by: Will
03/21/2003, 00:09:28

...if you get any comments. I think I have stated the primary premie beliefs correctly, but some premies may disagree. If they do, it would be interesting to hear their corrected version.

I still meditate. But my only goal is the peaceful alertness that it gives me. I feel like myself, comfortable, and ready to participate in life. I don't expect anything else, such as a quenching of my thirst, or some sort of higher love better than human love.

Some premies may claim that they meditate along the same lines that I do, and they do not seek enlightenment or any such thing as that. But such claims cannot be true, because a person who meditates the way I do has no need of constant reminders about the possibilities that are being continually forgotten. There are no possibilities because I don't want anything other than what is there. So I ask the premies who meditate, what are the possibilities, and what is the goal of your meditations?

I know premies go to see Rawat for the high, which they say is the reminder that they need. But if they lived in Amaroo with Rawat for a long period of time, it would become normal to them and they would realize that the high they had been grooving on was only the high of a special event, and that sort of thing is bound to be forgotten and actually should be forgotten. It is not the thing that is always with them, already.

So I do think that premies are still seeking fulfillment by attaining some sort of higher state. And not just premies. Samady, for example, still is on the path, so to speak. From his posts here, it is clear that he has rejected Rawat but not "Knowledge."

All for now.

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