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Posted by: OTS ®
03/20/2003, 00:08:56

 Actually, I think that the closer one is to the "Master" the more cultish their thinking has to be

Will, excellent post.  You comment above couldn’t be more spot on.  That’s why there’s a special two-part event/meeting (whatever) on Thursday night and Friday morning at the Convention Center in Miami Beach for the Major Donors – the “close” devotees -- prior to the three-day event for the rank and file beginning late Friday afternoon.  I wonder how the poor five-figure salarymen premies feel about being left out of these special events time after time, again and again.  I know I wasn’t too pleased prior to my exiting. 

About a decade ago, I had my little salary garnished by the IRS every week until I paid them in full because I didn’t pay the IRS my taxes because I had to spend the money go to instructor conference after instructor conference in increasingly swank hotels – with no help from the rich community premies or EV for my flight costs, hotel costs, lost wages, etc..  The garnishment stayed on my credit report for 10 years.  Yeah, the whole Rawat trip, as has been said here, is really a traveling country club for the rich. 

I just saw a premie I hadn’t seen in 15 months.  We used to be good friends, but since I exited – no contact whatsoever.  We waived hello from across a busy downtown street and greeted each other by name – but that was it.  I am munmut.  He is devoted and wraped up deeply, every more deeply, unflinchingly in this personalty cult. 

Thanks, Will

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