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Posted by: Livia
03/19/2003, 03:04:52


You're absolutely right Joe with what you said above.  And remember what happened to Bob Mishler!  He leaves, starts to write a book and then, bingo - he dies in a helicopter crash!  Actually it's recently emerged here that he was flying the helicopter himself and had a heart attack at the controls, but most of us didn't know that then.  I must shamefacedly admit here that I thought it had happened as a result of him going "manmat".

But look how illogical it could all be - I also recall a group of Scandinavian premies dying in a plane crash; I think they were on their way to a programme somewhere.  And there was that lovely premie woman singer who sang "Lord of the Universe" - I think she died in a car crash.  And of course when premies died like that it was because for some reason they'd just lived out their lifespan.  But when manmats died - well!  they had it coming to them!  (nobody actually said it but it was implied by nods and looks).

The twisted logic of the cultee.

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