Selective Proof
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Posted by: Joe
03/19/2003, 03:36:04


I think it might be called that, or maybe "proof by ridiculous anecdote."  There was lots of proof by selective darshan stories, or the fact that in satsang people mostly said good things that happened to them, praising Maharaji, or, in the alternative, lamenting about how confused they were, being the sole source of any unhappiness.  Bad things might be lessons to teach one to rely only on Maharaji, and a sign of M's love, while good things were, well, maybe lessons or maybe not, but always signs of M's love. Yuckooooo.  The whole thing is so mad.

A huge drip for me was seeing normal people, whom I knew and liked, seeing Maharaji speak and going to intro events and being completely, if politely, uninterested, almost bemused by the whole thing.  If it was so great, how come these together, open people just saw it as a bunch of dumb platitudes and incoherent rants?  And was I just into it because I was into it?  Drip, drip, drip.  I got really depressed about that.

[OT -- good news, I just heard the spineless Democrats got some spine and prevented Bush from drilling for oil in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to power our SUVs!  Take some heart in some small victories.  Maybe it was because they took M's advice and were "turned inward,"]


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