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Posted by: Brian S
04/23/2003, 12:36:57


Thank you Dant, these are some of the best arguments in favor of maharaji, prem rawat or whomever being the fraud that he is that I have yet seen posted.

Kudos to you and especially your extremely intelligent wife, it only took her a couple of hours to figure out what it took me 29 years to realize. She has shown us that to an astute and discerning individual the prem rawat program is easily recognized for what it is.

It is just another personality cult, one which has so many obvious inconsistencies it really cannot hold up against 2 hours of honest examination. Which is about all of the time in life that is worth dedicating to it.

The only way it can work is if one throws out all rational sensibilities and immerses oneself into an emotional attachment (entanglement) of the myth perpetrated by pr and the cult.

The sad thing is that pr will probably ride it out to the end, never accept accountability and many folks will never get off it without his help and honesty in the matter which he most likely will never contribute.

As a child groomed for the job of lord of the universe I can understand he may well have thought he was on a special mission in life. But not anymore, he surely knows full well who he is which is nothing more than a spiritual predator capitalizing on and exploiting naivity wherever he can find it . His dysfuntional and indulgent lifestyle, his selfish disregard for his actions say he is probably one of the biggest most repugnant bastards of all time.

This really is a "BEST OF FORUM" piece and is worthy of EPO consideration

You have really raised the bar with this one Dant, suddenly, between you and Fluster I can hardly wait for either of your next submissions

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