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Posted by: dant
04/23/2003, 11:10:48

Last night I went to dinner with my wife and explained to her this whole M business. Although I had mentioned it to her before, I never went into the details. I must say, I felt like a complete idiot. She shortly made mincemeat out of it, pointing out inconsistencies that I had never really paid attention to. After about two hours, she was finally able to understand how this thing could actually work on someone, especially if they are young. I repeat some of her observations. Perhaps they are useful.

1. A "master" or teacher or whatever M would like to call himself is in both western and eastern cultures normally someone who has studied something for a long time in an advanced way, and consequently is in a position to show other people something they don't know. For someone to be a boy master automatically suggests divinity or in the very least some kind of special powers (like the psychic children in the movie "Matrix").

2. If you are shown K from an instructor, this means either K was given to you from the instructor and really has nothing to do with M, or once again, if there is a connection to M, there is some kind of divinity or magic going on (I believe the term was grace). There is no way getting around this, otherwise every instructor could more or less start their own "mission". Is this why M decided in the 80s that only he should give K?

3. She (my wife) was really annoyed with the fact that if there was supposed to be this perpetual lineage of perfect masters, why had we only heard of like at the most 5 of them. Why had she never heard of Shri Hans for example. I mean how can it be that god comes to Earth and nobody knows?

4. She was also really annoyed with the fact that the "power" was inherited by his son (like a kingdom) and not to one of his advanced pupils. Also a good point and not very credible.

5.She wanted to know why "god" had such a fondness for the Indian continent, and with one big exception of course, ignored the rest of the world. I know these perfect master idiocyncracies were discussed back then and given some bizarre explanations. One might say they are irrelevant today, however I think that many followers still believe in the perfect master myth despite what is publically said.

6. This is my own "two cents". Many followers will say the above mentioned arguments are all irrelevant because they have an inner experience and that is how they know that they are doing the right thing. However there must be a million other examples of people having such experiences if one counted them all. Here are two which I have come across which I now relate simply because they are so outrageous.

I have watched interviews with elderly German people who were in their teens and twenties when Hitler was in power. They describe similar experiences of ecstasy in his presence, and he never was even made out to be god. There is also a film "Triumph des Willens"(Triumph of the Will) from Leni Riefenstahl which shows the Nazis doing a carefully calculated M-like festival. (needless to say making this film didn't help her postwar career to much, but she did do quite well during "der Fuehrer's" reign). There are countless similarities between M and Hitler and their respective organisations. Maybe I will post some more some day although I'm hardly an expert (on Hitler at least).

There is an amazing film, I think it is called "The Family", which interviews various members of the Charles Manson clan. I believe he had already been arrested at this time, but I'm not sure. The way they talk about "Charlie" and their experiences of being around him rang uncannily familiar to what I have experienced during my time with M. Their devotion to him, their eulogizing of everytime he sneezed, their attribution of supernatural powers and, not to be forgotten, their "inner experience". Of course these people were way more extreme. True devotees if you will. Susan (Squeaky) Fromm remained completely true to him despite years in prison. A real Gopi!

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