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Posted by: Joy
04/23/2003, 20:57:07


Your wife has pointed out some of the most obvious ways in which M could, in no rational terms, be any kind of "Master". Your/her arguments get to the heart of the Maharaji trip, which is that people are meant to revere him as some sort of god (or rather as God with a capital G). I honestly don't understand (as a premie who came on board circa 1972) how he can manage to convince people of this these days, what with all this corporate image stuff. But somehow he continues to manage it. I guess it is easier in India, where they have a tradition of worshipping gurus and don't subject them to any scrutiny.

He's no more God than my mother is, someone who doesn't drink, smoke, use drugs, commit adultery or con people out of their money to support excessive consumption. She's someone who's humble, sincere, generous to a fault and perfectly content with her simple lifestyle, always looking to help others out instead of herself. Who sounds closer to God?

I agree with Brian S in that your and Fluster's posts have been fantastic, and have really raised the tone of the Forum to a very high level of rational discussion. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

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