The Messiah since age 8
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Posted by: Joy
04/23/2003, 23:47:17

Maharaji has considered himself the Messiah (or the sole incarnation of God on earth) since he was crowned with the crown of Krishna at age 8, just after his father's death. (His father was also considered the Messiah by his Indian devotees.) It was then proclaimed he had come "with more power than ever before". (watch the Satguru Has Come movie, if you can find it is there a video clip of it on EPO? If not, there should be.) The narrative then went something like "immediately the Holy Family and all the mahatmas prostrated themselves" etc. etc. as the "power" of the Perfect Master passed into him. I can't remember if it was Maharaji himself who proclaimed those exact words, or the family/devotees. But that was the general idea which was propagated by M himself, his whole family, and all the devotees and mahatmas. We westerners lapped it up.

That's what dancing in the Krishna costume is all about Lord Krishna reincarnated with "more power than ever before". I can't quite see how he can keep this up with new people who come on board, since without all the Hindu trappings it's a little hard to swallow. But definitely the older devotees were indoctrinated (as Cynthia so well described) into viewing M as a Messiah and still believe it to this day. That's why they give so much money, and why he still clandestinely holds "darshan" and foot kissing sessions for the faithful (usually at Amaroo, or else the exclusive donors meetings). He believes he's gifting them with the ultimate prize, the physical presence of the Lord in person. (And they believe it, too.)

As has been discussed here many times, it's the basis of the "experience" all the premies claim to have with Knowledge. The techniques in and of themselves are mostly devoid of this experience without the express devotion to the Master. It's what your wife believes but doesn't admit or talk about.

ALL premies believe this, no matter what current spin is put on it. It is the kernel of Maharaji's whole trip.


P.S. Dant, my mother woldn't accept your donation! She'd tell you you needed it more, or to give it to someone who did (seriously). Can you imagine M saying such a thing??

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