I agree!! JM, should these be prominently displayed?
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Posted by: La-ex
04/16/2003, 02:22:19


These quotes are amazing on one hand, beause they bring so much back into memory of the premie mindset/cult/religion that maharaji created, and we bought, in the 70's.....

On the other hand, it gets nauseating to see them, and realize how much crap he dealt out and we bought into.....unfortunately, this stuff still floats arounds in the subconscious of most premies today...

It really should be displayed prominently....especially the ones where he says he is all powerful, the lord......and the one about the world not  being able to exist without the master....

Can he still really say that it was crazy premies and mahatmas who spread the concepts, or that it was cultural differences...?....it wasn't his fault, right?

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