Maharaji and the Evil Mind
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Posted by: Joe
04/15/2003, 01:27:13


I was trying to write up someting about the video of M speaking that I saw at the intro event I attended.  In that talk Maharaji denigrated both "curiosity" and planning.  It reminded me of the stuff Maharaji used to say about mind, which he spun as a sort of big problem each person had, that only he and his knowledge could solve.  So, in preparation for what hs is now saying, her is context from Maharaji 1977:

'When I say mind, I mean mind. Not your brain that has things going on in it, blood going through it, and which thinks and sees for you. I'm talking about something that sorta hovers, like a bee, all around that area. It follows you wherever you go, bugs you whenever it can, troubles you whenever it can, even in your quietest moments. That little thing that does it is what I'm talking about. That's what I'm refering to as 'mind.' Hans Jyanti 9/11/77 Rome, Italy

This whole ideological crap that Maharaji taught that there is a part of yourself that 'follows you around' and 'troubles you' is one of the most damaging things he did to us. It was a way to keep people attached to Maharaji, because the 'enemy is within' and is kind of a ghostly tormentor, after you all the time.   Of course, Maharaji said that once you had knowledge that "mind" would bother you MORE, as in the letter we got from him after our knowledge session.


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