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Posted by: Brian S
04/15/2003, 12:09:02


How does rawat continue to get over with his insipid penny ante nickel and dime spiritual bit? It behoves me how prem has gotten as far as he has for so long on so little substance!

I guess it is a sad commentary on the expectations average people hold gurus, life teachers, and spiritual masters etc. accountable to. Maybe there should be laws and license's governing someone like PR who proclaims to have the big answer and then when the time comes to deliver ......  all one gets is a hollow secret initiation.

 Full disclosure should prevail in this business just like it does in so many others. There must be a legitimate way to put guys like him on the radar screen and regulate their activities and claims.

I can see it now, someone shows up at a introductory meeting and by law they are handed a disclaimer that states;  Warning: In the past this man (pr) has used several names and titles, has professed to be greater than god, alleged to be the lord of the universe, the perfect master of the times. These are subjective and unconclusive claims and participation in this idealogy may result in your indoctrination into a personality cult which could be damaging to your consciousness, as well as your emotional and mental health.

Any other disclaimer ideas anyone ?


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