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Posted by: Cynthia
04/15/2003, 17:50:35

Hi Joe,

That one quote alone shows how destructive Maharaji's words have been and continue to be to his followers. He still uses this tactic to get premies to demonize the mind. It's a big reason for them to be so afraid to question him about anything.

My fantasy is that a group of us someday sit down with him in a room and tell him to his face just how screwed up his "teachings" have been and how much he took from us. He didn't just our take our lives, money, and time, but our minds. That's my fantasy. I'd love to give him a big piece of my mind, now that I have it back.

Or better yet would be a program for ex-premies where HE sits in the auditorium (all at his expense, including our travel and hotel expenses) all alone in a seat--no entourage--and we'd be up on the stage in a panel telling him exactly what he's done. Wouldn't that be fun?


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