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Posted by: Kelli
04/15/2003, 02:15:07


Absolutely right Joe,

that was the most damaging aspect of his totally half arsed " mind -set" .  But because it was sort of supported by certain interpretations of sacred texts like the "Bhagavad Gita" which he quoted interminably without ever having read it for himself,( he also denigrates books and reading, never having read one himself)) it gave these idiotic statements some gravitas.

I think that curiosity is one of the most important drives that a human being has...The need to understand, ourselves, the world around us, other people, other places. how things work, Who are we? where did we come from and where are we going? These were the questions that brought me to his feet! Oh. the irony of it! But I believed he was who he said he was...What a total farce!

Thank you for going to that event and managing to stay awake and reporting back...I really can picture the scene.(unfortunately)

I'm so glad I'm getting my mind back, and I'm so glad that I've learned the value of doubt.


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