Oh critical thinking, what a bother!
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Posted by: Francesca
04/15/2003, 03:39:37


When I was in my 20s and the world seemed to come crashing down, the big bang of my youth, this definitely appealed.  It hurts to think and decide, oh dear, oh my!

The trouble is that if this gets its tenterhooks in, one ends up with a case of arrested development.  In order to function in the world, I mean, even in order not to walk into walls, this philosophy is impossible.

From being a premie myself, and observing premies, what has to be done is compartmentalize one's thinking processes around this.  In other words, they have to think critically in order to survive, and in order to make enough bread to be on the PAM list or even to be a PWK and get into all these programs.  So the critical thinking continues, except in the compartment called Maharaji/Rawat, spiritual fulfillment, knowledge, etc.  No critical thinking about that.   And also, a convenient way to avoid dealing with whatever the premie chooses to avoid dealing with.  Call it evil mind and walk on.


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