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Posted by: Sir Dave Mr Patel
04/21/2003, 02:02:45


Well said Les.  Although I've not been to a programme or seen any premies (except one) since the eighties, I often wonder what happened to all my fellow weary and weak disciples of the living Lord.  Most of the people I knew back in the early eighties were not rich and lived, like me, impoverished lives but would spend everything they had and more to see the current incarnation of Krishna.

We were a close bunch of devotees of the Lord of Love and we did in fact, love each other in a very brotherly or sisterly way.  Well I am thinking about the small group of premies who lived in East Dulwich around the Palace of Peace and continued to live there after the PoP folded.

Actually, I still know one of the guys, Richard, and to this day, he says he has never, ever meditated although he still goes to see Maharaji on occasion.  He is a good friend so I won't say anything unflattering about him but he is the exact opposite of a slick, card-carrying, well dressed premie.  Are all the people who go to programmes mainly the well-dressed "modern" type of premies or are there still some old heads dressed scruffily in frayed clothes there?

One day I might just go to a programme, not to get in to see Maharaji but just to have a look at what premies look like nowadays.

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