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Posted by: LJT
04/21/2003, 15:06:37


Dave I went to the programme at Brighton last year and I must admit it was more like attending a Liberal Party Conference with its staid well groomed audience. I had to run the gaunlet of interrogators at the entrance as I had cut up my smart card. I had to sit in front of an instuctor who asked me how many techniques there was. I felt a bit like winding her up so I told her there was five and asked her why she should ask me such a stupid question as anyone can get the techniques off the internet. She then after realising I was having a laugh asked my to sit in a booth and practice the techniques with her. I was pretty pissed off with that idea and asked who she thought she was. Anyhow eventually I got in only to realise well wonder what the fuck I was doing there.

A good friend of mine a premie from the old WPC days still loves Maharaji and gives half his pay packet occasionally to Elan Vital lives in this area. Mind you he drinks seven cans of tenants extra strong a day and more smokes more dope than you can imagine. There are many working class premies like that around Banbury. The middle classes dominate the situation in England as I guess they always have done but now they reflect their re-programming from their lady Mrs Thatcher and keep themselves to themselves and look down their noses at us poor plebs. So much for establishing peace in this world. What mugs we have been.

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