Annie, I believe you are sincere..
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Posted by: CarlosH
04/23/2003, 14:01:10


and would be willing to turn this into a discussion. But, for the reasons I expressed to fluster, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to do it here. Would you care to join me on, say, Anything At All?


        I will say here that I see why you felt that I was attacking you personally when I talked about how you brought out your credentials. That was not my intent, and if I offended I apologize. More will have to wait on your willingness to take it elsewhere, and pewrhaps working out ground rules or boundaries. Tho with you I would be OK with it evolving, tho I probably would respond only to you in any thread we got going. Might prefer private posts, on Hamzen's In The Zone, rather than public ones. As it is a discussion, not a debate, I am interested in.

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