The Journey Is The Destination

This video contains footage of Prem Rawat answering questions which have been written down beforehand and even reading from Kabir. It contains some graphics presenting the questions and various interludes of running streams and a long bridge.

These graphics certainly provide a contrast to the footage of Prem Rawat. He was then only 36.

Is Knowledge the only Path?

"Whatever you want to follow, follow. When you get it out of your system and you're clear what you really want, I'm here. OK? Knowledge isn't another medal, mm mm, Knowledge isn't an anaesthetic, Knowledge isn't Advil, Knowledge isn't any one of those things. People must come to Knowledge because they want to come to Knowledge. Just as simple as that. If there is going to be reasons, then they will not understand what Knowledge is all about. There can be no reasons."

How does spirituality correlate to Knowledge?

"It doesn't. Ssssssssssspirit (audience laughter), Spirit. Knowledge is concrete, not ethereal. You don't mistake me, I mean I'm not saying these things but there is a difference."

See and hear Prem Rawat comment on 'religion'.


"Knowledge is very different, not a path to follow, I don't tell people. You know people used to always come to me: 'Should we be vegetarians?' 'If you wanna be.' 'Should we be non-vegetarians?' 'If you wanna be.'"

Q: Should this man be a vegetarian?

A: It's probably too late to help.


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