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Posted by: Livia
03/10/2003, 12:12:33


In answer to Rob, the message for the contemporary premie seems to be:

Meditate every day, though for how long they're supposed to do that these days I have no idea.   An hour?

Try to stay in "that place" at all times too.  There seems to be some confusion round this area though.  Premies were once told to "constantly meditate and remember Holy Name".  Then after doing this for years and years they were suddenly told in 1985 that it wasn't necessary any more.  Now apparently it's de rigeur again, but nobody really knows for sure.

Go and see M whenever possible, either when he comes to do an event in your country, or at far-off Amaroo in Australia.  For everyone except the Australians a trip to Amaroo is a very expensive undertaking, but it's like so worth it!  And if it means using money much needed for family items, who cares, because the experience over there is just so fantastic!  And when you get back the feeling lasts for at least two weeks.

Go to video events or have a satellite dish so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Offer your services at video events or these introductory thing they're doing.  Put artworks up!    Play some old premie songs in the upstairs room at your local trendy bar.

Keep a collection of videos at home and watch them so often that you know them all by heart.  Then you'll know exactly what to say to any hapless seeker who may stumble into your life.  He might have awkward questions but you'll have exactly the right quote for him every time!

Bring this hapless seeker to a video event or round to your house to watch a satellite broadcast.  Alternatively you could take him to a local introductory event, an art exhibition or a tantalising evening in the aforementioned upstairs room.  There he will be subjected to old premie songs, a couple of videos and 30 or so haggard, slightly uncomfortable-looking people, most of them in their 50's.  He will then come to the conclusion that it is definitely not a cult, and will be delighted when he receives a leaflet inviting him to an introductory event.  

At the art exhibition he will be mesmerised by the quality of the art, which is M's poetry arranged in minimalist style in large contemporary frames.  He'll think "God, this is really profound.  This is poetry is astonishingly good.  I wish it led to something more."  Then, when he is silently handed a leaflet at the door, he'll think "Wow!  This is amazing.  And I'm definitely not being hoodwinked into a cult or anything like that.  I can't wait to find out more!"

Premies can volunteer to be the people handing out the leaflets at the door.  This is really valuable service.

And last but definitely not least is: donate!  Premies who donate are truly the most fortunate of all, because this leads to all sorts of privileges like being able to go to conferences in the US where they can hobnob with M himself and all the other big donors!  But you really do have to donate big bucks here.  In a recent "big donor" missive,  the recipients were told they wouldn't be welcome at the next big donor event unless they had already donated $5,000 in the first few weeks of this year.  It also costs rather a lot to register for  big donor events and then of course there's your flight and hotel costs.  So big donor events are really only for the exclusive few - a very selective club.

Big donors somehow know without being told that it wouldn't be a good idea to talk about big donor events with hapless seekers.  This would make hapless seekers think they were being hoodwinked into a cult and that would never do.

Where do the proceeds from these donations go?  Good question, but not something that the typical premie tends to detain himself with.  It's not for him to ask.  He may wonder occasionally why for instance local premies have to pay all the costs for the art exhibitions, or why the camping costs at Amaroo are astronomically high, or if he's a big donor, he can only go to the big donor event if he's already paid out a fortune in donations and then has to pay again to get in!  But he's still positive that all this money is being used strictly for the purposes of propagation, even though local premies have to pay for propagation events themselves.  Or to pay to make the videos even though premies are asked to pay to see them.  Everybody knows videos cost an absolute fortune to make after all.  Somebody has to pay for the video recorder and then keep buying all those blank videos.

Other than all of the above, the contemporary premie leads a perfectly normal life, just like anyone else, whilst knowing secretly inside that only premies know what life is really about.

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