What were the basic myths promoted by pr?
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Posted by: La-ex
03/10/2003, 07:22:03


I'm not sure if we have ever listed the basic myths that were promoted by maharaji...not just things that were once said by him or someone like the mahatamas, but the core group of myths that m repeatedly decreed over and over again, and were taken to be "premie gospel" and "written in stone"...

Off the top of my head, these are a few.....I'm wondeing if collecting these and listing them would be helpful in joging premies minds a bit about the many messianic claims made by m for well over a decade, and used to make millions of dollars for him, while trappng thousands of premies in a bizarre and bankrupt lifestyle and belief system.....and to think that he still refuses to publicly acknowledge any of this, explain it, or apologize for any of it...

1-Guru is greater than God

2-I declare I will etablish peace in this world...(later describes a utopia that he will create, where the lion lays down with the lamb, and we even build shelters for ants, and everyone will take care of everyone...)

3-Very soon the whole world will know what, and WHO God is....

4-DUO will feed, clothe and shelter the entire world.

5-M is the most powerful incarnation of god to ever come into the world.

6-The way to realize God is to surrender to the living perfect master.

7-Guru maharaji is omnipotent, omnipresent.

8-Guru maharaji is always with you, and loves you more than anyone else ever can or will.

9-The world is an illusion..nothing or no one will ever make you happy.

10-You are spiritually blind without the guru.

11-Darshan removes all past bad karma, and one starts with a clean slate.

12-Your mind is your enemy...only m and k are the antidote..

13-Charanamrit and prasad have magical properties and cleanse and make the devotee high.

14-Holy breath seals the connection between guru and disciple.


I could go on all night long...best to stop now...

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