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Posted by: Cynthia
03/11/2003, 15:57:13

Hi Liv,

I think that it was a myth that was created by some initiators and/or ashram premies. II don't know the origin. I remember that whenever they had an instense initiator session in the U.S. with M, he'd disperse them to the communities to tour with "fresh" new holy water and revved up promotional (cough) I mean, devotional satsang.

The ashrams (bro and sis) would each receive a small bottle of the fresh foot water. Now it stands to reason that by pouring that small bottle of water into the gallon of distilled would certainly be a sensible way to make it more potent!

It may have been a U.S. premie myth. I don't know for certain but do remember clearly hearing that a lot, late mid to late 70s.

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