Foot homeopathy?
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Posted by: Livia
03/11/2003, 11:41:58


But that's what homeopaths believe!  It doesn't seem relevant to them that with everything else, diluting something decreases its potency, duh.

It's back to the old thing of "sympathetic magic" or whatever you call it.  If you believe something enough...

Personally I'm pretty sure that when homeopathy seems to work it's because of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient.  Like the way sometimes as soon as you even decide to go to the doctor, your symptoms start to disappear.  And for some people having someone listen to all their problems boosts their immune sytem, so what's actually happening is they're healing themselves.  But I digress.

Quite honestly I never believed that crap about charanamrit increasing in potency the more it was diluted.  For a start it began to smell a bit rancid - euch!!

But the mind seriously boggles at this point because I did believe that the water that M had washed his feet in (euch again) had some mystical effect when you drank it.

Bet they don't tell the new aspirants we ever did that.

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