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Posted by: Joe
04/21/2003, 03:27:42


Okay, so now I'm intrigued.   How do they know about "previous posts?"  Do you mean previous posts on the ex-premie forum?  And the previous phone calls, I assume, were made before you drove 800 miles to the program -- true?  So, after you registered, they called you on the telephone to check you out?  And they did this because they knew you had posted on the ex-premie forum?  Why is that any of their business?

Perhaps "paranoid" is too strong a term, but I find it amazing that they are so concerned that someone (who is obviously a threat to no one), could be suspect just because they have participated in discussions with ex-premies.  Actually, I do think that's paranoid, now that I think about it. 

I'm not quite sure why they are so afraid that somebody might analyze what goes on behind closed doors at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  Why is that something to be concerned about?  They certainly put a lot of energy into it.  Why is an anlysis, including both positive and negative comments to be avoided as "negative publicity?"  Doesn't that strike you as just a bit, a tiny bit, paranoid, or at least overly sensitive, or fearful, or perhaps a bit "over-controlling?"

Frankly, I feel it's fine to check out knowledge and Maharaji, but one should be armed with complete information, not just the controlled dissemination you get from Maharaji and his organization.  But then, if it is known that is what you are doing, it is very unlikely you would be given knowledge, should you ask for it.  Open discussion and discouraging words of any sort would be taken as evidence that you most certainly are not "ready" to receive knowledge.

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