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Posted by: fluster
04/21/2003, 02:48:58


It appeared that MAR are someone's initials. But that is just a guess.

As for how they ascertained whether I posed a threat, I had two phone calls a few days apart.  The first caller sounded perturbed at some of my previous posts (this is my second event).  I provided my local coordinator's name as a reference just to indicate that I'm not a lunatic. The second caller just verified that I was indeed an aspirant. At the event, they observed us both to be earnest people, which we are. 

My wife is extremely devoted. And quite frankly, I still will not rule out the possibility of my taking knowledge one day.  But honestly, it would probably be more likely under the direction of Maharaji's successor, like perhaps Daya.  Maharaji's reign seems to be riddled with abstraction and contradiction. For me, a spiritual leader should at least exhibit humility and grace, without the pitfalls of materialism.

I don't agree that the organizers were paranoid. On the contrary, they were generous to let me enter the event, especially given the possibility that it would again contribute to my writing some negative publicity, which it has. Of course there were some positive elements in the event, but they did not center on hearing the lectures.  For me, the enjoyable part was doing what everyone else seemed to be doing--absorbing.

Amongst ex-premies, I feel a little like a non-alcoholic in a room full of recovering addicts. It would be insincere of me to gleefully report how wonderful it is to get drunk to those afflicted with the disease of addiction.  But, rest assured, honest happiness was far removed from the convention center. Rather, when the deranged woman next to me cowered and wept as the audience sprung to their feet in ovation, she suffered a consequential relapse that I hope no ex-premie ever experiences.

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