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Posted by: stranger
04/21/2003, 03:02:01

Fluster - you say that someday you might receive Knowledge. Let me assure you that Knowledge is yours any time you want it. The techniques are not secret, and the experience has nothing to do with either Rawat or any of his future successors. Having been an instructor myself, and having revealed the techniques to others, I can guarantee you that the person showing the techniques has no powers or special "grace" to reveal any interior experiences at all. All of the experience comes from the person themself, and is dependent upon many factors, including the level of brainwashing accepted by the individual, the need to believe or experience something and the emotional state of the person at the time.

Rawat and "his" teachings are a complete fraud. I suggest a little hyperventilation to get yourself high, and then follow it with some intense yearnings to "know" something/anything, and then share these feeling with others of like mind to reinforce the belief system - there - you have "Knowledge".

Daya is no more real than her father. You don't need to become an alcoholic to know that addiction isn't a good thing.....


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