Fluster, I won't "preach" K here. That isn't right, IMO.
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Posted by: CarlosH
04/23/2003, 02:15:48


        But if you'll come over to Anything At All, you'll find a thread in which I tell you why I disagree with the specific points she raises. And I encourage you, if you ever take K, to do it for yourself, because of your own thirst, and not because of what I say. And I encourage you, if you DON'T take K, to NOT do it for yourself, brecause you see no thirst for it to quench, or just don't feel it can quench your thirst if you do see a thirst for something to quench. Don't NOT take K because of what Annie says, any moire than you should take it because of what I say.


        Your taking, or not taking, K is about you and K, not about anyone or anything else. IMO, of course.

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