I'm with John about the new stables
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Posted by: Annie
07/15/2003, 20:16:42

I'd also put in more fencing, water out to the barn and a jumping arena. Oh yeah -- that indoor riding arena too, for the long winters here.

As for Messiahs -- why? What's the point of one? I'm not quite sure why anyone would need a Messiah now, unless they just can't accept responsibility for their own lives. When I found Rawat, I was young, and looking for someone to replace my non-parents. Now that I am an adult I can parent myself and my children - thank you very much.

As for miracles... who cares? Penn and Teller can do just as good a job at miracles - so can science, for that matter.

I'm just really not quite sure why anyone would want a Messiah now. Maybe we should all be helping each other instead?


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