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Posted by: fluster
07/15/2003, 19:00:59


In light of the flurry of arguments surrounding Christianity and life after Rawatism, I would like to ask everyone the following philosophical question.  Before you answer, let me say that I am bothered by the recent discussions in which people personally attack each other. So, this question is asked with sincerity and honesty, and is intended to further open dialogue.

Most everyone here first became interested in Maharaji for such lofty reasons as a search for inner peace, a quest to experience a Master, or a need to belong to a blissful organization.  Once disillusioned, premies became ex-premies, renouncing Maharaji as nothing more than a misdirected carpet salesman.

My question is this: despite the lessons of having joined and left the cult, if, (big if), IF, through some turn of fate, a biblical "Messiah" descended on Earth, would your ex-premie background warn you to not succumb to the perceived religious fanaticism of the majority; or would you be willing, despite your background, to consider the religious importance of this "Messiah" and, if warranted, become a supplicant?

For the sake of argument, let's presume that the "Messiah" in question appears like the real deal, i.e. travels in a chariot of fire, angels blare trumpets before she/he speaks, makes miracles, etc.

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