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Posted by: cq
07/15/2003, 20:51:21


And three questions for you, fluster:


Question 1

Who started this whole trip of wanting to be "saved" by some "messiah"?


Question 2

Who profits from selling that mind-set?


Question 3

Who benefits from being free of it?



Sometimes some questions are worth just thinking about.  And sometimes finding an "answer" (especially "ready-made" ones) can curtail the thinking process.  (boy, that's either deep or ... deluded?)


Oh, and a little quote from the famed theologian Albert Schweitzer to round this post off:

"The Jesus of Nazareth who came forward publicly as the Messiah, who preached the ethic of the Kingdom of God, who founded the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth, and died to give His work its final consecration, never had any existence. He is a figure designed by rationalism, endowed with life by liberalism, and clothed by modern theology in an historical garb."

(from "The Quest of the Historical Jesus" Chapter 20)


Related link: chapter XX
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