But I Like Rhetorical Questions-They Require Less Work.
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07/15/2003, 22:51:27


CQ, I guess I'm not as intelligent as you in that I cannot quote Schweitzer, or even Jesus, for that matter. But, that's never stopped me before, so here goes. You wrote:

Sometimes some questions are worth just thinking about.  And sometimes finding an "answer" (especially "ready-made" ones) can curtail the thinking process.  

My question was not intended to be rhetorical, but your three probably don't require my answer, either.  But, on a deeper level, my original question really is rhetorical because everyone's reply depends on oneself and one's inner constitution. The last thing I want is for people to start proselytizing.

I think there is an interesting argument along the lines of Schweitzer that follows the tact that Jesus was in fact a myth designed to fulfill a human need. 

Everyone has needs.  My needs usually do not necessitate the creation of a "Messiah," imagined or real.  But, during the time of Jesus, perhaps ordinary people like me needed to feel something deeper than Roman imperialism.

My question was intended to strike a balance between those that could fathom the return of the Messiah with those would not waste time with such illogical nonsense. My curiosity stems from the fact that, like it or not, as former beleivers in Maharaji, we were all duped into thinking he was a Messiah.  My impression is that there are some people who adopt another belief structure, be it Motherwave, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism; and others who break free of any religious constructs.

I'm not judging here, just trying to make sense of it all. My contention is that the more people understand this issue, the less inclined they will be to personally attack or proselytize others.

Would it be fair to say that, on the Forum, we are all first and foremost Ex-Premies, irrespective of one's current religious persuasion?

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