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Posted by: Silvia
07/16/2003, 00:58:20

Hi Annie!

All good, eh? GREAT! It gets better and better without the guru, I know, you know, many know. Thanks GOD!

I saw in Las Vegas a real elephant vanish INFRONT my eyes, a few feet from where I was sitting. The gay couple's show, I can't remember their name.

Fabulous stuff for the child within. I came out of the theater facinated even knowing it was all a trick.

I saw Circus of Solei too, facinating also. Other kind of magic though, Art.

I worked for 10 days in Las Vegas and after 5 the fun began: I will never forget it.

Maharaji/Rawat tricks the mind but not the spirit. Deep inside I knew something didn't squared.

I detest him with passion, 'cause he has bad taste when it come to interpreting life. Let me correct that. He speaks for his own experiences, rotten entity that he is, the bastardino.

I used to think how lucky his children were and now I feel sorry for them, to an extent, who knows? Maybe Karma is real and all get what they deserve, or what they can handle. I know why it happened to me.

WE, freedom fihghters are lucky people. So many have died for such an empty cause, they are so many suffering and they don't know their way out.

I feel glad to be free from all THAT internal hell, asking the wrong questions, getting the wrong answers.

Good post, nice to "see you".



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