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Posted by: bryn
07/17/2003, 01:57:09


Yes ! You make a lot of sense. Nolij is definitely religion, DEFINITELY and the amazing thing is the sheer bloody cheek of anyone who suggests it isn't.The implication is that K is Beyond religion. Arrogance! I believed I was cruising in some mystic uncharted territory,and many still do.

I think the best I can say about ikt is that it kept me from joining the Mormons or the army, or setting up as a guru myself. God! but 25 years is a long time though! 5 would have been enough.Perhaps five minutes

I had a very deep, disguised and distorted religious centre, and nollij was just the job for the likes of me!

Premie lurkers get out! It isn't what you think it is! Its anaesthetic.Trust me ,Ive been there and back. Walk, before you can't.

(as if you'd listen to me!)

Love Bryn

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