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07/16/2003, 19:37:12


"So altogether, the only real thing happening here is what lies behind your question-and that could be any number of things. What do you think makes you ask?"

Frankly, I was afraid that the question would be reversed on me.  But, if you really want me to bore you, here is my answer: my question stems from watching tempers flare in regards to religion.  At face value, arguing about religion would seem beneath everyone, since, from what I have witnessed, everyone seems extremely intelligent and tolerant.

But, in my opinion, religion sits at the very core of what draws us together. Meaning, even to this day, aspirants are drawn to Maharaji for religious reasons. Of course Elan Vital denies the fact that Nollige is a religion.  But, reading between the lines, their vociferous denial results in a sort of tacit admission that Nollige really is a religion. To explain, in their trademarked duplicitous nature, Elan Vital characterizes Maharaji as a leader on the same plateau as Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed; boasts about the "magical calm" before Maharaji speaks; and implicitly admonishing its members to express their fealty to Maharaji through verbal expressions, through purchasing consumable goods, and through attending costly events.  Rawatism is indeed a cult religion, despite their contrary objections.

So, perhaps we were drawn into Maharaji for relgious reasons, and perhaps not.  If religious opportunity did propel us, then having experienced the demoralized, depraved, and detrimental organization that is Elan Vital would either deter us from pursuing  another religion or propel us, full steam into another, more balanced and grounded religion. So my question ultimately asks what affect, if any, has the cult had on people's religious practices and beliefs.

I'm not a shill for any particular belief system.




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