Ok Fluster, I can't resist philosophy!
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Posted by: Bryn
07/16/2003, 16:31:15


What a fantastic bold question! Great  picture-thanks.My answer is no, for the following reasons:

I "THE FOUR TECHNIQUES" . Does your hypothetical flaming, blaring and chariot riding "Saviour"offer you "THE FOUR TECHNIQUES" like the last one did?

If so he's no saviour.

They are totally duff as far as salvation is concerned. 25 years earnest delusion with them and two years conscious evaluation of them and isuues surrounding them (theology/philosophy) say so. Q.E.D.

If your Luminous One offers you nothing, and just primps and preens ambiguously about on a high cloud (stage), leaving YOUR only option passive "spectator" adoration -He is still no saviour. He is just another in a tedious line of  brainless projections of  a Kantian, Theistic myth of powerlessness and the limits of human knowlege! (Oooh I enjoyed that sentence)-Q.E.D.

So altogether, the only real thing happening here is what lies behind your question-and that could be any number of things. What do you think makes you ask?

Love Bryn



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