Joe, I think That's a question for TED Farkel
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Posted by: Roger eDrek
02/03/2003, 21:58:01


Oh, my god.  The Maharaji boob-site is becoming the albatross around my neck.  This is the second response I've made about it today.  Sheesh, I'm going to have to create a foundation and hire a PR firm to field the interest.  And I will neither confirm or deny its existence.

And it's interesting that the Maharaji boob-site is the only thing I'll ever be remembered for in my life other than my huge...  Oops, I shouldn't talk about That here!!!  Holy Jehovah, I can never remember which chatroom I'm in sometimes.  It's ok people, your sheep are safe.  But seriously, I didn't even create the boob picture and now it and I have become one with it.  It just sorta appeared at my doorstep one day.

I'm thinking I should bequeath it to TED Farkel's TRAC (Transmission Repair & AutoKnowledge Centre) since it has become such a huge success every Tuesday at Ladies Night.  Ok, maybe I'll sell it or lease it.  Some kind of smoke and mirrors where I'm making out big time.  My Master is my teacher.  While He is lost in the world of Maya, His lessons are not lost on me.


Come up and see me sometime at the House of Maharaji Drek
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