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This is pure conjecture...but your friends reactions have made me think... it may not be all your fault. It may be that the two of them have reacted at the same time because something has been 'said'... 

Has it occurred to you that your friend might be annoyed because the thought and communications Police of Elan Vital have descended upon him like a ton of bricks ?

Had he received praise and applause from Mordor as a result of his event, I doubt if you would have been accused of 'betrayal'

Organizing a quirky event in Brighton is ok... but if the eye of Sauron is drawn to it, and the organiser exposed as an 'out of synch bongo' the shit would hit the fan... and it would all be YOUR fault.

I am writing these thoughts because, from what I read on First Class, the culture of EV is NOT free of fear... it is a delayed, hidden and subsumed fear. Fear of doing something wrong, fear of stepping out of line, fear of appearing harmful to maharaji's selfless selfless efforts over the years.

And in a funny act of self-denial, the fear is made to feel like a comfort blanket. I WANT to be on-track, I want to be up to date, I want to be synchronised, Oh Maharaji, I dont want to be sent away.

Now for your friend, who has been thrust into a limelight and with a wider audience than Brighton and Hove. Your friend about whom questions may have been asked...Is he   finally realising that in the old days from whence he hails, when sincerity counted for everything are finally dead ?... whereas in the cold light of day Todays Corporate EV... sincerity is a poor excuse that people call upon when their performance and behaviour falls short of his requirements.

Sincerity = I didnt mean any harm

Sincerity = I didnt think

Its not true that M has completely silenced people, He has given them the opportunity to speak to him and their peers  (up to 3 minutes)- but not of confusion. Not of hurt...

EXPRESSIONS are beautiful.

Like expressions of gratitude in Iraq

I somehow preferred the Premieworld when it was f*cked up and joyous. Now its an apolitically correct cultural abyss in the shadow of its master.

It occurs to me as I read and am reminded of the cultural and corporate shmaltz which is EV/TPRF that there is a pattern here.

A pattern in which roots and sources of bliss, pleasure and culture are denied.

In the 70s - although M was still credited as the source of all, there was a lot of energy, life, enthusiasm, colour.

Premies were bright eyed. They spoke. Ordinary People had a chance to share. To sing, to waffle for hours in the satsang chair. Confusion and clarity danced hand in hand... bongos ran the Mission...

magazines were printed, badges made and worn, jumble collected, potatoes sold..

So much 'community', so many 'brothers and sisters'

What attracted me to Knowledge ? The PREMIES.Even in 1982 I saw hope in their eyes. Maharaji was squeaky and unconvincing, but the premies were lovely.

I wanted to be enlightened. I wanted to be shiny and safe among my new family.

But 'Community' eventally became a bad word, like 'mind'.

It is as if M got posessive.

As if he wanted to be the centre of attention... not only that but he wanted to deny any other source of joy.

Even Beragons. (they might have been a source of joy.... dont stop me I am on a roll !)

Initiators and instructors replaced other speakers. Eventually and gradually Videos replaced instructors (except when funds or attendances needed bolstering).

Eventually and gradually the social buzz of being in the same room with friendly faces was only something to rise above.

It is as if we were all denying each other, and playing 'spiritual one-up-manship'

Being in the same room with ther premies was becoming a 'distraction' from HIM.

Sattelite into your own home. No need for anybody else but Maharaji.

Videos made by him, approved by him, controlled by him. speakers authorised by him, trained by him speaking words approved by him.

And the premies cry 'yay !' and yet...something within them dies.

I can remember sitting in satsang rooms in peoples houses. Nice houses, squats, bedsits...

I can remember people old, young, focussed, confused (but trying to appear focussed), I remember an old lady (now passed away) called Olwen who had hankies and polo mints tucked up her sleeve, and when she laughed (whch she did quite a lot) her false teeth sometimes clacked.

She was lovely. She talked complete bollocks - but at least I got to listen to her !

I remember everybody having their 15 minutes of fame.

I know we were judgemental and sat there either taking it all too seriously, or not seriously enough, but it was nice to hear people speak. My regret now is that we were never allowed to say what we needed to.

I would love it  if we could one day have a chair, and the opportunity to fully and unconditionally listen to another persons story. The whole truth. Pain and tears too.

That to me would be what I always wanted.. but unfortunately Maharaji got jealous.

Only ONE Feeling matters.

One Ring to rule them all.

So - the thought of the day is : in the same way that M's 'Power' was said to come from divine sources, rather than anything to do with staging, context, culture or our own need... all those elements which bind us together were hi-jacked to bind us only to him... and the denial of any influence apart from the 'internal' also has robbed the cultural life of the premies of any colour.

The INNER is the PAST. It is a Land made up of familiarity and comfort and confirmation.

It feels like home.

ONLY Maharaji is allowed to command the future. Only Maharaji is looking ahead. The Premies are all tuning IN, listening IN, feeling blissful and safe.

I dont blame em ! Maharaji has always told us what a dangerous place the future is. We are all going to die.

Maharaji provided me with a 'place' to go to escape the world and its disappointments.

It was good for a while, but some of us wanted to be more playful.


ta ta








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