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"What is faith? How do you have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji? What do you have to do to have faith inGuru Maharaj Ji? What does Guru Maharaj Ji want us to do? Let go! Get out of your idiotic 'conceptness.'"

all these beliefs. And sometimes you look at this at nighttime when it's really clear and you see these stars. And you look right through the stars, sort of, and you just feel like, "Wow, man! It goes on and on. It's just so deep and it's just so in there."

I guess people used to imagine Martians before. But now that's all out of the question. Or people used to imagine people on the moon! Well, that's out of the question. They didn't find any there. (Maybe they all hid! "What's that weird thing walking around?")

And we look at "out there" and it really blows us out. "Wow! How could it be? How could it be so incredible? How could it be so ultra-fantastic? How could it be so 'too much' as it is?" And why do we look out there for it?

If that blows our mind, if that really gets us going, if that really gets us thinking; what about us? What about our ocean of our concepts? Of our mind? How deep is that? It's limitless! Everybody has concepts. And these concepts aren't just concepts, but it's like an outrageous thing where somebody is saying something to one person. He hears it. His computer trips on. He analyzes it. After he has analyzed it, then he says, "You're right" or, "You're wrong." And it's all based upon the concepts.

But what I'm trying to say is that all these concepts that we live in, which is such a huge quantity of them, are not the things that are going to bring us to the point where we want to be. In fact, what is going to bring us where we want to be is Guru Maharaj Ji, is that Knowledge, is that Grace. And only by having that belief, only by having that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji are we going to be able to cross this crossing. Only by having that trust in Guru Maharaj Ji will we be able to cross this ocean.

Because this ocean is huge! It's gigantic. And in this ocean you can just - what? You can let your imagination go! And you can just imagine all sorts of weird things in this ocean. And here we are. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I can take you across. Have faith in me."

But all of our lives we have faith in something else. And sometimes when you hear that word "faith" ... what is faith? What is faith? How do you have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji? What do you have to do to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji? What does Guru Maharaj Ji want us to do?

Let go! Get out of your idiotic "conceptness." Get out of this up and down, this teeter-totter of maya, of mind! Because definitely that's not going to bring you anywhere. Definitely that's not going to put you anywhere. Definitely that is not going to bring you what you want in your life!

And as I was saying yesterday, it's like: wish. And okay, if a fairy angel came here and said, "Okay, you have a wish. Make a wish," what would you wish? What is there to wish for in this whole world? What is good enough for you?

There is nothing. Everything that we could possibly even wish we already have! "I wish for an orange." I can have an orange! There's no problem in having an orange, especially if you are in Florida. "I wish for a great big chocolate bar." Well, there's no problem in having a chocolate bar. They have a lot of chocolate bars everywhere. All these little wishes here and there that we can make, that's already here. Look, there is even more than that here in this world.

But one wish that we have to make, one determination that we have to make in our life is that we want that Grace. We want Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's something that is good enough for us. That is something that is what is going to save us in this world. Because it's like, "If I do this, maybe next time this will happen to me." I was giving this example yesterday: "What is going to happen to us in our next lifetime?"

But Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Listen! I can take you away from the evolution of life and death. I can take you away from the revolution of pain and suffering. I can take you away from the ferris wheel of all this illusion! But only if you confide in me. Only if you have faith in me. Only if you have trust in me. And then I will take you away from this illusion."

And our mind goes, "Wait a minute! Wait. Wait. Wait just a second! Hold on! Hang on! I don't like ferris wheels. I don't want to go on a ferris wheel."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, I can take you away!"

And mind goes, "Well, I can take you away, too!"

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, I can take you away to that ultimate beauty. I can take you away to that incredible abode. I can take you into my world!"

And mind says, "Well, I can take you to a roller coaster. Away from this ferris wheel."

And it's like this tug-of-war. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Well, I'll give you that incredible Knowledge that you have been looking for all your life." And mind goes, "Well, I'll give you the thrill of your life."

And this constant combat happens between us. But if we have that weapon, if we have that faith, then it makes it all an easy, nice-ending war. Just a nice, clean finish. Grace comes. Your faith comes. Your Love comes. It takes about two and a half seconds. It blows up the mind to little bits. And that's the end of it. That's it!

But only when we have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji does that happen in our lives, only when we really let go of what we are hanging on to in this world.

We're constantly thinking, "Oh yeah, well, this would be good. I can't let go of this. I need this. I want this. Well, I can't let go of this. I need this. I want this." And it's all these arrays of bars that we have arranged. We hang on to these bars. We hang on to these things.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Let go. These things are not going with you!" Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look! Come to me and I can give you that Knowledge. But you have to come to me."

And mind says, "You see? He is trying to make you work! I am saying," the mind says, "that you don't have to come to me. I'll come to you!"

And being as stupid as we are, we fall for that. "Yeah, well, that makes sense, you know? Then I don't have to go anywhere!" But what are we bargaining for? What are we going to get: that mind, that strong mind, that strong ego. And in this life, do you really think that's what this life is all about? Is that the reason why we all have come here in this world to be born, this incredible miracle that we go through and here we are? Is that the reason?

Some people don't even think about it! To them it's like, "God? What? That's all a fantasy, man. That's all this thing. 'God'? What God?" Just like little shrines here and there, and here and there. "Yeah, you go pray to Ram and Ill go pray to Mohammed. And you go pray to Christ," and so on and so forth. And all these little things.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "No! You can do whatever you want to do. But what about your inner satisfaction?" Guru Maharaj Ji says, "If that's what you want to do, that's great! Okay! But what about yourself? Your true self which is not bounded by any name, any caste, creed, any legendary following?"

If your father goes to heaven, that doesn't mean you're going to go to heaven, too. Or does it? Does that mean that because your father went to heaven, you're going to go to heaven too? Of course not! And sometimes we think, "Oh boy! My father was this so I should be this too." And all these concepts. "Yeah, kid. When you're going to grow up you're going to be a lawyer." A lot of times a lot of people get these concepts. And those concepts don't take us anywhere.

We are who we are. We are going to be who we are going to be. And Guru Maharaj Ji can show us who we are, take us away from that roundabout that we always are caught up in in our lifetime. Guru Maharaj Ji can take us out of that. But only if we have that faith, only if we can have that trust.

Because as long as we have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji there is nothing in this world that'll become a hindrance to us. But when we let go of our sight, when we lose that perspective, then mind comes in and becomes a hindrance.

Because Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that protection. Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that shelter. And by staying in that shelter, by staying in that protection, we can be safe. We can be safe from the miseries of this world. And it's true!

But mind always comes in and says, "No, no, no. He doesn't know what he's talking about." Why? Why is it that when we come down and try to do meditation: "You left your lights on. Your water is running. The bathtub is overflowing. You have to make a call. Find out what time it is. You better go to bed. You're hungry. Your floors are dirty. There's a snake in your shoe."


Have That Faith

Guru Maharaj Ji / Kissimmee, Florida / November 5, 1978

So dear premies, welcome to Hans Jayanti. We've all come here together to listen to satsang, to understand the meaning of this life, to understand the purpose of this life. Because this world is really getting fragmented more and more. This world is losing its focus more and more every day. And unless that realization happens to us, unless that realization manifests within us, what is going to be our perspective? What's going to be our focus? What's going to be the purpose of our life?

Because, okay, there's so many concepts in this world. And here we are. And there must be - wow, man - there must be so many concepts in this world that it's probably hard to list them. Literally impossible. And we, every one of us, have to live with those concepts. Every one of us has to more or less face those concepts. Every one of us more or less has to deal with those concepts. And what it all boils down to is: What are our chances? What are our odds in this world of craziness? If it's not one thing, it's the other thing. And if it's not the other thing, it's something else.

But without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, nothing is possible. Without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, it is impossible to understand how we are even going to get through in this jungle. Because it is a jungle. We see that. It's a thick, dense forest. And we have to try to make it through it. Us. Individuals. No help. No assistance.

It's almost like this mind organizes this fraternity in this world. And we have to go do these things. And some things that we have to do in this world are completely ridiculous, completely eight-ball. And we go there, and it's like what we have to do is to cross this dense forest all by ourselves - a forest that we can't see through and we don't know what lives in it. And we have to do it. We have to go through this forest. And yet we don't know how we are even going to make it. How is it even going to be possible to make it?

And we pray. We pray to Guru Maharaj Ji. "Guru Maharaj Ji, please help! Help me, because I don't know what there is ahead of me. Help me, because I don't know! Help me, because I am ignorant! Help me, because I cannot see!"

The situation of this world is getting worse and worse and worse. Nothing is really getting any better. And okay, yeah, what is the point to talk about it? This whole world could go away, you know. What's the point to talk about it?

Well, we live in this world. That's the point.

We live in this world. We have to deal in this world. We face this world. And it's all going down the hill.


"I think that's every human being's purpose in this world:
to have faith in their Guru Maharaj Ji, to love their Guru Maharaj Ji,
to see their Guru Maharaj Ji, to do satsang, service, and meditation,
to realize who they are, to become one with that most incredible thing!"




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