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On Christmas Day 1980 Prem Rawat, (then known as Guru Maharaj Ji) gave satsang (holy talk) to his followers (premies) who were working and living in Miami at that time.  Many followers were involved in the Deca project which involved a total refurbishment of a second-hand 707 jet plane in accordance to Prem Rawat's wishes, including the installation of a gold plated toilet.

In this talk Prem Rawat discusses the importance of the Perfect Master, the need to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, the current Perfect Master and how Jesus Christ was viewed in his time.

The following are excerpts of that talk are given below.
Click on the play button to hear the actual excerpts.

But what was the meaning to like the devotees of that time of the Perfect Master, what were the meanings to them? And it was incredible because there was this point you know where Peter just got up and said to Jesus, he said ďYou are, you know, you are the Son of God, you are the SaviorĒ and Jesus turned to Peter and said ďYou know, youíre really lucky, youíre really fortunate. And obviously no mortal man has told you this but this is very fortunate for you to understand that, itĎs very fortunate for you to realize that. And all of a sudden the, the importance shifts, the emphasis shifts from gifts and Christmas trees and Christmas lights and everything and for a devotee centers around being saved, it centers around to have that devotion, to have that love. All of a sudden it takes on a meaning thatís real, thatís substantial, that has truly a meaning because is a meaning. It has meant something, it has given that person, that devotee, a hope in life. It has given that devotee a chance just to exist because you look at it and life itself and, and just the way I perceive it is that life itself is, itís like a flower. Is the flower beautiful? Huh! Maybe to some people it is, maybe to some people it isnít. That all depends how we look at it.

The religions existed at the time when Christ came but what was the meaning of those religions to those devotees? You know when every single Perfect Master has come in this world, and obviously every time he has come he has done this miraculous thing and we call him the Savior. He has saved us again and again and again because we need to be obviously saved. But he saves us. And he not only saves us but he saves us from what we need to be saved which we have no idea of what we really need to be saved from. The thing is that we acquire all this knowledge, we presume that this is what we really we need to be saved from, this is what we need to be saved from. And all our concepts one day fail.

Yet what a Perfect Master brings is not speculation but to take away the speculation, to bring an experience, a simple experience, an experience not tied by words, an experience not tied by any kind of a secondary thing to it, an experience which which in itself is real and complete.

Ö but a spontaneous experience, a spontaneous grace, being given by Guru Maharaji to all the premies, thatís it. It is a, I donít have to live in my concepts to have an experience of Guru Maharajiís grace. If I live in my concepts then I am having the experience of my concepts itself. Iím not having that experience, then all Iím doing basically is day-dreaming.

.. because what is the most important thing, do you think was, the difference, the basic, basic difference between Judas and the rest of them. You know people calling he betrayed Jesus or he did this or he did that or he was crazy or he was in his mind or he was into his concepts. Sure! Who wasnít? (laughter) What was the basic, basic difference? To me, that those devotees accepted Jesus as their Lord, and stayed with it. Thatís it, that was their experience, there was a gratitude, there was an experience, then there was an acceptance and thatís why there was even an experience. But for Judas it wasnít Jesus, just Jesus and it wasnít Knowledge, just Knowledge, and him, just him but there was a whole lot of other things involved. What were they? His concepts, his dreams, his fantasies.

Because what does my Guru Maharaji bring? What does my Guru Maharaji bring? Guru Maharaji you know takes me to this wonderful, wonderful garden. And in this garden itís full of the most beautiful, beautiful flowers Iíve ever seen. And the most incredible, incredible sight that I can even imagine, ever, ever imagine and Guru Maharaji takes me to this garden and says now open your eyes of faith and look at it. Thatís all you need is faith in me.

Because I, if I have that faith in my Guru Maharaji which I know every minute of the life I live I need to have that faith. Here it is not a matter of a self made man, itís not a matter of self-reliance, itís not a matter of having faith in myself Ö

But the faith in Guru Maharaji somehow I know brings that faith in me to be just that devotee because that experience is flowing, that experience is coming from him. I donít have to fumble with my intellect and I donít have to fumble with books and I donít have to fumble with anything. Just have that solid faith in Guru Maharaji. And why? For my own good. Because that is my vision, through that I can see Guru Maharaji. And Guru Maharaji comes in this world. I mean, we think itís kind of easy to believe Jesus came in this world and he perform all these incredible miracles and so thatís why we should believe in Jesus. Didnít Judas see all the miracles?




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