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The Final Step" Malibu, California, June 11, 1978. From the Divine Times June/July Volume 7, Number 4 ~ The Guru Puja Special.

The Final Step

"You have to get rid of it all, and surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. And to be able to come together, and really not enjoy ourselves, but to enjoy Guru Maharaj Ji. To take in the satsang, to take in that pleasure of being together, and still being one with Guru Maharaj Ji. So the whole thing is, lets get rid of that concept maker."

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have to let go and take those three initial steps, and be there. Be with Guru Maharaj Ji.
Because, look. This world - you stay with it, and you're going to go nowhere. Because this whole world is made within a parallel of you. You're supposed to live parallel to this Earth. You live, world will live. Seasons will come. Things will bear fruits. And this whole Earth is made for every individual to survive as he can. It's an automatic thing. We are not supposed to come here...

If that was the reason, then you know what would happen? Every apple tree would have a little crank at the bottom of it, and then when you want an apple, for two days you crank and crank and crank this crank, and slowly an apple would start appearing. No! Plentiful! Plentiful for whatever we want. Everything. And this was completely made automatic for us just to be here and experience the glory of that Lord.

Because every automation that we want, supposedly the gods have it. Isn't that the way it is in the stories? The gods go like this, and - Poof! - the guy has this. All this automation! And still, in Ramayana it says that all the gods long to have this body, to be able to experience that Lord, that Guru Maharaj Ji.

Look, it's beyond liberation It's beyond all those things. Beyond all our concepts. In this lifetime, we have the opportunity to realize, to he with, Guru Maharaj Ji. Be it not Guru Maharaj Ji - you know, maybe they didn't call him Guru Maharaj Ji maybe they called him Lord. Anything. To be with that power. To be with that thing. To be not infinite, and yet to be with the infinite. To be here as individual and yet to be able to be next to the person who is everything; in which everything is and he is everything. Guru Maharaj Ji. The Lord. All-powerful.

We are here. And only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace can we realize that, and see how divine this whole plan really is. It's beyond question, it's beyond doubt. Because I almost feel like saying: Look. If you've got your questions, keep them in your pocket. Here is an experience, an experience that will answer any question there is. An experience that takes you beyond questions, takes you beyond mind. It takes you beyond everything. The experience of all experiences. And that is the opportunity that we have right now, that we can realize. And yet as I said yesterday, our own effort away. Just a little bit of effort away. Only three steps away.

And again, how long is it going to take us until we get this through our fat heads? That here we are now. We're not going to live forever. Incredible things happen. And yet, here is the time to completely let go. To surrender. To take that last step. To take that final step, and be one with Guru Maharaj Ji. But first we have to take that step. We have to understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is, what Guru Maharaj Ji is.

I mean, you can't understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is, or what Guru Maharaji is, in one way, But if you are open... I know that book that was written, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? And if you look Ramayana, Gita, Koran, every scripture in the world, and piled them up, it would probably be higher than this wall. And yet, how can you make a little book called Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? and say, "Okay, this balances it out"! You can't do that. And it isn't that way.

You can never say, "Okay..." You can never take Guru Maharaj Ji as an item, like this microphone, and say, "Oh, what is that? Who is that?" But Guru Maharaj Ji is a projector. And you know something! You don't look into a projector. If you do, you won't see a film.

No, you let that projector bounce that image, you let that Guru Maharaj Ji come within inside of you. You let that Guru Maharaj Jt shine upon you.
And then you will understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is without any words, because then the words will cease: then the words will stop. And that's he way it is. But you have to let that experience in.

It's like sugar. you know, and the story of those two ants. The one ant says, "Well,I know ... " Or there is a really old story. I don't think you have heard this for a long time.

There were two frogs. One frog lived in this big big lake, and the other frog lived in this well. And so they both met each other, and the frog from the pond had never seen a well. So he just said, "Okay, Well I'm quite far away from my home. Can I stay over, overnight at your home?"

He said, "Sure!"

So the frog from the lake ended up being at the frog'is house who was living in the well And they both started talking and started saying, "Well, how big is your lake! How big is your big pond?"

And he said. "Oh, it's huge It's big."

So the frog who lived in the well drew a little circle and said, "Is that how big it is?"

And he said. "No, it's bigger than that."

And so he drew another circle and said, "Is it that big?"

He said, "No, it's bigger than that".

The frog from the well started saying. "Whoa! This is almost getting as big as my well is, and how can his pond, his lake possibly be bigger than my well!" So finally it came to the point where the frog from the well drew a hole as big as the well and he said, "Is it that big?"

And he said, "No, it's bigger than that".

And he said, "Well, I gotta see this".

So we can keep on trying to say "Is it this much? Is Guru Maharaji's perfection this much? Is Guru Maharaj Ji this much? And Guru Maharaj Ji keeps saying, "No." Till we come to a point. And I mean, maybe its funny, but to me it's not. Really! Because it's serious stuff, that we keep on saying this and Guru Maharaj Ji keeps saying. "No." And then everyone of us starts doubting that. "Well, wait a minute. How can Guru Maharaj Ji's glory be more than that? But that's as much glory as I have! And that's more than what I know! That's impossible. That's beyond my concept". And we all go through this.

We have our own goddesses and gods and little things that we place everywhere in the huge structure of our puzzle. And we know their power. We know if we go to this goddess, we can get this done. And if we go to this goddess, we can get that done. And here comes Guru Maharaj Ji, and Guru Maharaj Ji is like - wow! - everything put together. And he's even more. And we say, "Whoa! Wait a minute, this is not true."

But then, to the surprise of that frog which dwelled in the well, when they both entered that lake, he was very amazed, he was very surprised. Because every day when that frog went down into his well, there was a limit, there was a round limit and that was it. And to him, that was big enough. But in this pond he could not see a limit.

So premies, of course it is an endless saga. And I was just asking the premies in the kitchen if they knew how long it is to Guru Puja, Some said "33;" some said "32;" some said "34." I think they finally unanimously decided it was 32 days. And it's very incredible - 34 or 32, give or take a day or so here and there. It's beautiful because then here we are in this place where we'll he able to all come together and just be able to enjoy.

Enjoy what? Not enjoy ourself. Because the whole idea is - remember what the last step is. Do you know what the last step is? To surrender. To let go.

Because so far you are going to have a little thing sticking up there saying, "Oh, this is so that when I can go to programs I can enjoy myself," you will go out in world, you will come back from the program, and it's going to want to enjoy something else. It's that mind. It's that ego. You have to get rid of it all, and surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. And to be able to come together, and really not enjoy ourselves, but to enjoy Guru Maharaj Ji, to take in the satsang, to take in that pleasure of being together, and still being one with Guru Maharaj Ji.

So the whole thing is, let's get rid of that concept maker. Because that concept maker doesn't do us any good. It hasn't done anybody any good; how can it do us good? And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, its very, very possible. Because that is the beauty of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't only say "Here, here, here, here, here, here." Guru Maharaj Ji is not like that monkey trainer...

You know, they have these monkey trainers or bird trainers or something like that, aad every time the monkey does a trick, they slip him a thing that he likes: whatever he likes. Or a bird, they slip him a little seed or a cracker. Or like in the aquarium in the San Diego Sea World, they have these huge fishes, and there is this tiny creature all the way to this big whale. It's a great big pond. The trainer blows a whistle, and - Bmmp - goes this big killer whale, and he slips him a little piece of fish, and that's that.

Guru Maharaj Ji isn't like that. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say. "Okay, you do this little thing for me. and I'll give you a little bit of nice experience." No. Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Go, go within yourself." Because that power is everywhere, and there is no need to search anywhere if we search within inside of ourselves. Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Listen. I can take you to the..."

It's like, if that guy could really talk to that fish, and he said, "I can tell you a place in this pond where you can eat fish, as much ish as you want," then the fish would be blissed out. Or if that person told that little bird. "I know of a place where you can have as much seed as you want," he'd he blissed out. It's like telling a very hungry man who doesn't have a job or doesn't have anything, "Well, I can tell you a place where you can go and you can haw as much food as you want."

It's telling a blind person that "I can tell you of a place where you can see what you have never seen before, for as long, as long, as long as you want." To tell a deaf person that "I can give you a piece of Music which is within inside of you, which you can hear for as long, as long, as long as you want." That's Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji gives you that ultimate Knowledge which is within inside of you, that experience that we all need to know And without that devotion, we cannot .. .

Because, see, the thing is, we have to have that devotion. If we don't have that devotion, we are not devotees. And if we are not devotees, then he is not our Guru Maharaj Ji.

It's not like just saying. "Okay, I take you for granted. Guru Maharaj Ji. No that'll be it. Here I am, and let's get at it!" No! If that constant balance of our devotion varies, goes away, then that Guru Maharaj Ji - for us, not in reality - will also sway.

Because you know. I go shopping. And to these guys I am "the Guru," period. Or some of them don't even know it. Some of them don't even recognize. And to them, what difference does it make? No difference. And when that devotion, that understanding starts happening more and more and more, then that much more of a Guru Maharaj Ji does Guru Maharaj Ji become.

But premies, the whole thing is that that Guru Maharaj Ji can't he that big, that big, that big, or five feet. All of it! So our devotion has to be 100%. Every bit.



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