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It is all, apparently, down to the Grace of Maharaji ...

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Climbing the greatest mountain - only through Maharaji's Grace.

True identity can only be understood with the Grace of Maharaji

Also Maharaji's definition of "sin".

Grace and faith.

Musings on grace and stuff like that.


Guru Maharaji (Prem Rawat) Denver, July, 8th, 1975.

Sit back and relax.


Divine Times April/May 1978 Volume 7, Number 3. Holi Festival, Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 24, 1978

Guru Maharaj Ji Denver July 8th, 1975

Because who is Guru Maharaj Ji? Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect. And this perfect Lord doesn't come down Himself one day, grab everybody by the throat, and say. 'You better realize Knowledge, otherwise I am going to chuck you out into hell' He doesn't do that. He even comes down into this world, bears that physical body, bears the pains, bears the suffering of this physical planet and gives Knowledge. But if you look at Him, He is the ultimate. He doesn't need to come into this world. He has got so much power. He could manifest Himself in front of everybody in this world and ask everybody personally a question. He wouldn't even have to come down into this world. All He would have to do is come down out of the clouds and speak loud one day and say, "People who are not going to receive Knowledge and definitely going to hell". He never does that, because that's just the way it is.

You know, what's more beautiful Ė to be in a lap or to be walking? Definitely to be in a lap where you're safe and sound and have the warmth, that most beautiful, beautiful warmth that everybody in this world is searching for. That's why a baby wants to come to a lap, though he can walk. He needs that warmth. He understands that it is more significant to have that warmth and to be just sitting in one place than to be walking around. It's like, we have two options - we can walk, but we know that by walking ourselves, we aren't going to make it, because we can't cross the waters, the depth of this world, the craziness of this world, by ourselves. But somebody can, so why donít you sit in His lap, and He will take you.

The Grace is there, the Knowledge is there, everything is there with us. So just give yourself. If we stand up by ourselves and fight the mind, we can never do it because there is always something the mind can cling to. Do you know about sucker fish? Well, if a shark is there and a sucker fish is around he is going to cling to the shark. But if there is no shark around, then the fish can't cling to it in the same way, if we stand out like a sore thumb, there is always something that can stick to us. So just take away that sore thumb; give it in surrender.

Surrender is not only something that I talk about and mahatmas talk about; itís something that was being talked about in every age. Every Perfect Master said. "Surrender, Give yourself to Me. You've got the human body, you've got everything, but still just surrender to Me. That's what's really perfect.Ē

I think thatís about it. Just understand how strong the mind is. That mind can not only come and play tricks on somebody else, it can come right at your door, knock, and be standing there. If you don't have the wand, the magic wand of Knowledge and Grace, there is not one thing you can do about it. Just really understand. Experience what this Knowledge is. That's all.


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