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Maharaji Swearing He Will Bring Peace To The World

my time is, so that I will be able to come back and give you Knowledge reviews. So you should try and understand this same thing, how important it is for you to stay here and to meditate. So now I think my instructions are pretty clear.

And there's just something else. As a matter of fact you know that it's going to take a long time before India's economy increases so that we can have good highways here, and before that happens you know how these trucks go about blowing dust in so many directions. In that dust people spit and so many things and this dust just passes on the disease, so if you eat those things which are kept outside then that's something where you can see for yourself what might happen. When a truck blows the dust, the spit in the dust is just taken right into those foods which you eat and we don't want you to get ill! So get your food here, whatever you need you can get it from here in the ashram. Whatever you need to eat you can get it here, and if you want to buy certain things then I want you to go together so that you won't be cheated, so that you can get things at a cheaper rate, because I know some people are getting charged very highly for certain things and that's not good. We want you to have a good time in Prem Nagar.

So this is the main thing. We have come here to receive a blissful experience and we have to receive it because that's why we came all the way from there to here. And so tomorrow night you should start getting ready for having a Knowledge review and we will start it from the next day. And then I believe you also have got some questions to ask. I'll answer them, but not from everybody of course, because I know some people just ask ridiculous questions which don't mean anything to anyone, they just ask them. It's very strange, but some people are that way, their brains, their minds are made that way, so they just ask anything. It seems that it's the only way that they can digest their food. So we will have a question time for some reasonable questions. Everything is so beautiful here, so try and do as much meditation as you can and everything will be alright.

I swear on the Bible that I will establish peace in the world

World Would Collapse Without Maharaji

Because this mind always tends to try to do whatever it has to insure that we are always confused, to insure that we're always on the wrong track. And you can ask that one question.


... Because the more we surrender, the more that Grace will be able to flow. And the more that Grace will be able to flow, then the more satsang, service and meditation will be able to manifest in our life."

Why is mind so incredibly after us, so blatantly after us to keep us confused all the time? Why is it always wanting us to pursue the wrong thing in our lives? Because that is the negativity. There's a positive and there's a negative. And the negative is always the shadow. And it's just like I said: Mind is not something that you can touch. Mind is not something that you can see. But you can just feel it. It's this thing always following you, wherever you go. And the slightest moment that it can, it attacks you. It's there, and it's just always hovering.

Because it is what we have created. It's our monster. It's our shadow that we have created. And it hovers over us, and haunts us. And we keep on making those mistakes, keep on opening those gates so that that haunting becomes even more and more terrifying.

This world would just completely collapse if Perfect Master stopped coming in this world. I can't possibly even imagine or foresee what this world would be like



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